Asked Questions

Do I need to have a mobile app to use Phunware’s mobile marketing module?


How does Phunware’s mobile engagement module get integrated into my app and how long does the process take?

Phunware provides step-by-step integration instructions for a seamless installation of our mobile engagement module. Depending on the experience level of your mobile team, integration can take as little as four hours. The integration requires implementing Phunware’s SDK into your app to start tracking the user data that enables targeted messages. No mobile team? No problem. Phunware offers support packages to help you get started.

What happens after the mobile engagement module is integrated?

Phunware will conduct an onboarding session to initiate training and establish a weekly schedule for campaign creation and reporting.

How do geo-fences work?

You or your Phunware Customer Success Expert (CSE) can use Phunware’s user-friendly portal to create geo-fences using addresses or by selecting locations on a map. These geo-fences can range in size from 50 meters to 500 meters using the latitude and longitude of the location.

Is there a limit to how many geo-fences I can create?

No. Our solution can support unlimited geo­fences. Your CSE will provide best practices on geo­fence creation during onboarding.

What type of campaigns are included?
  • Announcement (specials, seasonal events, etc.)
  • Check-in (welcome notifications, special offers, etc.)
  • Geo-fence entry or exit (in-store personalization, next visit offer, etc.)
This sounds great, but we do not have the resources to handle campaign creation and messaging. Are there any options?

Absolutely. Phunware can provide monthly support packages.

What actions does an end-user need to perform to be able to receive a location-based notification?

Users must perform two actions to be able to receive location-based notifications and campaigns: They must have your app installed, and they must have location services enabled. iOS users must also enable notifications.

What percentage of users enable location services?

83% of users see the benefits of location services (such as GPS navigation, location-based weather and recommendations, etc.) and opt to keep them on. Phunware has found that brands and retailers that explain how and why location services are used while delivering contextually relevant value have the best results.

How does Mobile Engagement impact battery usage?

Phunware’s technology takes advantage of device, operating system and app-level configurations to minimize the impact to battery life.

Can we integrate our existing CRM with Phunware?

Yes. The Phunware platform is highly extensible to other systems, including CRM and POS systems. Our award-winning professional services team is also available to support custom integrations.

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