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For residents who depend on their mobile devices to manage their lifestyle, a branded residential mobile app is an important and valuable differentiator that helps your properties appear new and modern. Happy residents stay at your property longer and spread positive word-of-mouth!

Whether you’re managing residential communities, mixed-used developments or student housing, every service your property offers can be immediately accessible through your branded mobile app and website.

Phunware’s residential solution also empowers staff to do their jobs more efficiently by automating tasks and providing enhanced visibility into property operations through detailed reporting.

Happy residents stay at your property longer and spread positive word-of-mouth.

Learn what our residential solution can do for you

Seeing is believing. Follow a day in the life of two residents engaging with our intuitive, convenient and delightful mobile app experience.

Premium Residential Mobile Experience



Now your concierge can be even more helpful. Residents can track packages, request restaurant reservations, inform the concierge of an expected guest or request luggage assistance—all through the mobile app.

Amenity Booking

Amenity Booking

Residents can quickly browse and book property amenities with a few taps and swipes: a tennis court, the clubroom, the service elevator, a spa treatment. Through a live view of on-site video cameras, residents can also see amenities in real time: is their favorite spot open at the pool? Is there anybody using the gym?

Request valet parking services

Request valet parking services

Residents can request their vehicle or a guest’s vehicle with a couple of taps and swipes.

Submit work orders

Submit work orders

Gone are the days of calling maintenance to schedule a repair and waiting for a response. Residents can submit work orders for service or repairs directly through their smartphone.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile Marketing Automation

Send residents notifications about events and promotions from retailers and dining options nearby.


Resident communication

Easily keep your residents informed by sending them the right message at the right time, based on their preferred method of communication. The Phunware platform provides email, SMS and push notifications.

Powerful resident database

Easily access important details about residents including contact information, vehicles, visitors, pets, and more.


Connect the dots between residents, locations, devices, promotions and more. See how your app users are using the app to continuously improve the resident experience. Get an aggregated reporting dashboard and view analytics based on usage, users, and properties.

Property marketing

In addition to the mobile app, Phunware provides each property with a branded mobile app that features floor plans and pricing. Sales staff can also give compelling presentations with “virtual unit” videos showcasing amenities that vividly demonstrate the lifestyle offered at your property.

Online application

Residents can apply online by entering their information on a secure website. We’ve automated the process of collecting information and running background checks. Once residents are approved, their information is sent back to your property, and they can easily be added to your database.


Integrate your property management system with our staff dashboard to avoid double data entry.

iOS and Android

Battery- and privacy-friendly

GPS, Wi-Fi and iBeacon for indoor location

Multi-language capabilities


Email, SMS and push for resident alerts and communications

Open integration APIs

Surveys and feedback

Support for single or multiple buildings


Bring Your Property to Apple TV

tvOS and Apple TV combine the best of apps and technology with the strengths of the TV format to create resident engagement opportunities you might not have considered. Give residents access to services offered by your property right from their living room, through an Apple TV app.


Understand and Engage Your Residents

Get a deeper understanding of app users’ behavior when data from devices touching Phunware’s platform is combined with first-party data from your residential app. Explore new engagement opportunities when you leverage data from your current users.

  • Understand where residents go and shop when they’re not at your property
  • Overlay demographic data to gain insight into age, gender and household income
  • Identify groups and neighborhoods to target for user acquisition campaigns
  • Send relevant offers or messages to drive foot traffic to partner businesses
  • Optimize signage by identifying high-foot-traffic areas and the most common paths residents take
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