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Phunware’s award-winning patient experience solution provides real benefits that bring your facility to the future of healthcare.

An end-to-end mobile solution serving your patients, visitors and staff.

In today’s consumer-driven world, healthcare is no longer the exception. Patients now conduct research and read reviews prior to deciding upon and visiting a healthcare facility. Not only that, they are accustomed to and demand easy access to accurate, current and complete information from the comfort of their mobile device.

Phunware’s feature-rich mobile app solution enables healthcare providers to elevate the patient journey while optimizing operational and staff efficiencies, lowering costs and boosting revenue. Using cutting-edge mobile technology, this innovative, brandable solution provides real benefits that bring your facility to the future of healthcare.

A Fully Integrated Phunware Solution

Integrating your EHR is more than offering the same EHR features within the mobile app. Using our location-based services and mobile engagement functionality, we are able to use your patients location and EHR data to create a more personalized experience before, during, and after their visit to your facility.

Electronic Health Record Integration – Epic and Cerner

Patient portal

Deliver important information and tools directly to the patient.

Appointment scheduling

Book new and existing patient appointments. Send reminders and eliminate missed appointments.

Bill pay

Give patients direct access to easily view, manage and pay their bills. Prompt payments when bills are due.

Alerts and reminders

Notify and remind patients about upcoming appointments and prompt navigation to the facility.

Test results

Communicate test results quickly, directly and securely to your patients.

Prescription refills

Allow prescription refill requests and progress tracking.

Pre-visit forms

Send all necessary paperwork to be completed prior to the patient’s appointment.

Direct messaging

Facilitate direct communication between patients and facility staff.

Location-based Services

Static wayfinding

Provide turn-by-turn directions around the facility within the app or on desktop. (Web solution available for kiosks and digital signage.)

Map editor portal

Edit, manage and update facility maps to reflect construction, facility closures, accessible routes and other site changes, without developer resources.

Express check-in

Draw a geofence around parking lots and trigger staff workflow as patients enter the facility.

Asset tracking

Track equipment and assets in real time and navigate to them.

Patient and staff tracking

Allow patients and staff to share their location and navigate to one another.

Visitor experience feedback

Prompt a short survey after the patient’s appointment to garner key feedback on their experience at your facility.

Real-time wayfinding

Enable blue-dot, GPS-like indoor navigation that allows patients and visitors access to interactive maps that route them to their locations in real-time by using their actual position.

When an appointment reminder is triggered, the user may use this feature to navigate directly to the facility and to the destination of their appointment.

Mobile Engagement

Send personalized alerts and promotions to patients and visitors based on their location or attributes.

Broadcast campaigns

Send a notification to your entire user base to notify them of large events such as a donation drive.

Geofence campaigns

Send notifications to select locations such as allergy warnings in affected cities or zip codes.

Beacon campaigns

Send notifications when patients and visitors visit a specific area within your facility such as offering coupons when they enter a gift shop.

Dwell time monitoring

Interact with patients and trigger different messages based on how long they have been in a specific area, such as a waiting room or cafe.

Virtual Visits

See your patients over HIPAA-compliant video with full reimbursement to help patients stay healthy at home, while minimizing patient leakage.

Eligibility Checks

Co-Pay Collection

Streamlined Reimbursement

Automated Patient Workflow

Patient Notifications

Customized Clinical Protocols

EHR/PM Integration

Other Features

Parking reminders

Allow users to drop a GPS pin, take photos and notes or record a voice memo.


Display contact and navigation information about departments, wards, gift stores, cafeterias and other points of interest.

Urgent Care and ER Wait Times

Alert potential patients about approximate wait times in the facility’s Emergency Room and Urgent Care Facilities.


Get engagement, retention or custom analytics to improve app experiences and optimize workflows.

Content management

Easily make changes to app content in the cloud.

Ride solutions

Offer ride solutions to your patients.


Allow donations to be made seamlessly and securely from any location.

How we work with healthcare facilities

Phunware has created mobile experiences for some of the world’s most respected brands, including some of the largest healthcare facilities in the United States. We work with customers throughout the entire application lifecycle, from strategy and ideation to application maintenance.

For hospitals without an existing mobile app

We provide healthcare-specific app templates that are completely customizable and packed with common features right out of the box.

For hospitals with an existing mobile app

We provide Phunware modules a-la-cart that are easily integrated into an existing app.

For hospitals wanting advanced features

We offer completely custom solutions that are created by Phunware’s Professional Services team.

Benefits of the Phunware Platform

Cloud-based patient engagement and staff management platform provides enterprise-class reliability and scalability worldwide.

Updates are made in the cloud and automatically pushed to users without requiring the application to be republished in the app marketplace.

Multiscreen capabilities allow consistent content and updates across mobile, web and tablet-based kiosks.

Hardware-agnostic software works with multiple hardware providers and supports location technologies including Wi-Fi, physical and virtual BLE beacons and even VLC (visual light communications).

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