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Expand the power of your mobile application with location based services.

Indoor Routing and Navigation

Leverage users’ location to enable step-by-step navigation to, from your facility. The seamless routing experience continues indoors, between floor levels and throughout buildings.

Real-time Wayfinding

Users receive real-time navigation instructions to their destination based on their location

Landmark Routing

Users get contextual directions with visual landmarks that make navigation user-friendly

ADA Compliance

Our solution provides wheelchair-accessible routing and routing for visually impaired users

Location Sharing

Location sharing enables users to share, view and route to each other’s locations. Use cases include finding friends in a crowded venue or requesting in-store assistance from a retail associate directly to a user’s real-time location.

Simple Real-Time Map Management

Phunware maps are easy to edit, manage and update on the fly, directly within the cloud. Configure and display points of interest—such restaurants, restroom facilities, restrict access to specific areas or create and edit wheelchair-accessible routes as needed.

Additional Real-Time Location Services

Improve internal workflows and increase operational efficiency by taking advantage of location awareness to track employees, equipment and assets. Trigger customer workflows based on proximity alerts and gather valuable data on traffic patterns and more.

Phunware’s flexible Location-Based Services module is hardware-agnostic—it works with multiple hardware providers and supports location-enabled hardware including Wi-Fi, BLE and virtual beacons, Li-Fi and GPS.

How It Works

Phunware’s platform ingests and fuses location data from this hardware and renders it as user-friendly maps and routes. Admins can manage map and other app content in the cloud-based MaaS portal.


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