Phunware Audience

Deliver outcomes with mobile audiences tailored to your marketing strategy.

Self-service platform for digital marketers.

Phunware Audience is a self-service platform that enables marketers to build scalable, granular mobile audiences that can be delivered to programmatic advertising platforms for activation.

Data Label

Gain transparency into audience segments including definition, data lineage, derivation logic, freshness and reach.

Device Scale

Target granular audiences with adequate scale from 200M+ US monthly active unique devices.


Quickly search and find segments that are relevant to the people you want to reach.

Programmatic Integration

Export audiences to advertising platforms for activation in targeted media campaigns.

Audit Trail

Easily view impressions served, devices reached and payouts for full auditability into audience usage.

Audience Download

Download an audience to a local file for manual upload to advertising platforms.


Ready-to-Use Audiences

Reach your audience quickly with pre-built, industry-standard segments:

  • Behavior – demonstrated actions such as mobile app usage, engagement with specific ads, or profitable behaviors.
  • Demographics – gender, age range, education level, income level, language spoken, country of residence, country of birth.
  • Geography – demonstrated location activity in the physical world (geohash, city, state, country, postal code, congressional districts).
  • Interests – demonstrated interests such as news, politics, hobbies, healthy living, movies, shopping, television, fashion, sports as well as predicted interests derived by machine learning techniques from app usage.
  • Purchase Intent – demonstrated past purchases and future buyer intent that are predicted using machine learning. (Coming Q2 2020)

Location Based Audiences

Build location audiences using real-world location activity and a point-and-click map experience.

  • Use a point-and-click map experience to configure unique polygon boundaries
  • 30/60/90 look-back windows
  • Configurable look-back windows with calendar day and hour resolution
  • Brand chains, a specific venue or place category (Q2-2020)

Engineered Audiences*

Leverage our modern data platform and data science expertise to engineer unique custom audiences not available in-market.

  • Custom – audiences that are specific to a customer’s requirements
  • Address lists – share a list of addresses and we probabilistically match mobile devices to each address or boundary.

*This is a custom option that cannot be completed without Phunware assistance.

Use Cases for Audiences

Drive Conversions

Drive Conversions

Connect with people who have demonstrated behaviors or interests (e.g. attended an event) that align with your brand and send offers to drive conversion.

Retarget Customers

Retarget Customers

Re-engage people who have interacted with your ads, mobile app or physical venue in the past.

Grow In-store Visits

Grow In-store Visits

Engage shoppers who visited competitor locations with targeted offers that bring them into your physical store.

Drive App Installs

Drive App Installs

Using characteristics of your existing users, deliver ads to a lookalike audience with links to the App Store and Google Play store to drive more installs.

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