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Deliver game-changing personalization and experiences

1:1 Insights and Interactions Globally at Scale


Phunware Knowledge Graph is a powerful, modern data platform that provides intelligence for brands, marketers and media buyers to better understand their customers, engage and acquire new customers, and create compelling user experiences.


Knowledge graphs connect and organize customer-centric data into knowledge that provide actionable insights so you can make timely operational decisions, increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Target offers and increase engagement with your customers and retain high value customers.

Use location-aware insights to personalize app experiences.

Acquire new users to scale audiences.

Gain insight into location patterns, density, and mobile app usage to optimize media campaigns.

Phunware ID

Get broader, enriched customer profiles beyond interactions with a single brand.


Phunware Knowledge Graph unifies diverse data into a Phunware ID profile – a consumer-centric collection of actions, preferences, characteristics and predicted behavior. Phunware ID profiles are also connected to physical points of interests so you can keep your customers engaged as they interact in the physical and online world now.


Knowledge Graph for Brands and Marketers

Derive deep user and audience insights on app usage, engagement in the physical world and behavior and get full visibility into the customer journey.

Retention, Engagement, and Conversion

Retention, Engagement, and Conversion

Activate curated audiences and deliver context-aware notifications based on characteristics and patterns of your ideal customers.

Knowledge Graph for Media Buyers

Build highly-targeted audiences in minutes, deliver optimized advertising and measure campaign effectiveness.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Optimize media spend and conversion using feedback loops of campaign execution data that continuously make Knowledge Graph smarter over time.

Knowledge Graph for Data Scientists

Phunware advances your organization’s data maturity by providing the documentation, technology, and technical architecture required to implement graph infrastructure in a fraction of the time of building in-house. Knowledge Graph accelerates time to value as a high-quality source of structured data for data science algorithms to optimize outcomes.

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