Barbary Brunner


Barbary has spent her 25-year career in technology leveraging software to transform human experience and give people the access and tools to make their lives smarter, faster, richer and more fully informed. From her earliest days as a Program Manager at Microsoft, to more recent senior executive roles at Yahoo! and Experian, she’s built and led world-class product and marketing teams that are equally in service of customer delight, business and shareholder results, and employee excellence, growth and satisfaction. She’s a noted speaker on brand development, growth strategy for technology ecosystems and diversity and inclusion in tech organizations. As Phunware’s CMO, Barbary is responsible for driving all aspects of global marketing and branding for the company.

Before joining Phunware, Barbary was CEO of the Austin Technology Council, one of the oldest and largest technology industry associations in the US, where she executed a turnaround of the 25-year-old organization, reestablishing it as the premier thought leader in regional technology, doubling membership, developing an ecosystem-wide mentorship program, and establishing a benchmark of growing 10 local tech companies to $1B in revenue in 10 years’ time.

Prior to this, Barbary’s roles have included CMO for Experian’s PriceGrabber business, CMO for Yahoo! Media, Chief Digital Products Officer for MediaNews Group, Director of Global Planning for Microsoft’s MSN business and Executive Producer for SierraOnline, among others. Barbary approaches each leadership position with the belief that building and leading teams is a trust and a privilege, and that quality of business culture is inextricably linked to brand and product success. In each of her roles she has created an environment of open and respectful dialog that has allowed her teams to be exceptionally high-performing, driving increases in revenue, loyalty, engagement and overall business success.

Barbary attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, holds a patent on Previews of Information for Selected Download on Auxiliary Display, is an investor and advisor to a variety of early stage technology companies, and serves as a Director of the Founder Institute’s global acelerator program in Austin, Texas.

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