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Children’s Hospitals all want to provide a simple digital tool…

But how do you get there?

After working with Children’s Hospitals and reading dozens of RFPs for digital experiences at pediatric facilities, we noticed some trends.

Some focus on wayfinding, some focus on food ordering, and some just want a better MyChart. Some deploy a tool right away and some take years to get it to patients.

How do you stack up? Read the whitepaper to find out.

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Phunware’s data-driven targeting solutions are strategically crafted to enhance your marketing strategies using real-world indicators, such as location, lifestyle, intent, interests, and more. Our approach ensures you connect with authentic individuals across diverse digital channels, cultivating genuine one-on-one connections with your audience.


Your Managed Campaign Experts for:

  • Programmatic Media
  • Digital Display
  • Online Video
  • OTT & Connected TV
  • Streaming Audio
  • Mobile Geofencing

Want to see real-time hospital wayfinding in action?

EHR Integration

For most Children’s Hospitals, integrating their EHR system is critical for their digital front door. By going beyond the limited EHR apps and instead leveraging APIs, you can own the patient experience inside the of your app. When your EHR is integrated into your patient application, you can bolt on additional features and 3rd party tools to create a unified patient journey.

Unifying the entire patient journey

Children’s Hospitals need tools that can grow with them as they bring the entire patient experience into one place.

A digital front door from Phunware can scale with you as you integrate EHRs, events calendars, in-room requests, and more.

Third party integrations


Mobile-powered patient experience

Phunware’s feature-rich mobile app solution enables access to a myriad of health and facility services.

We integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) such as Epic and Cerner to provide patients with a cohesive experience while eliminating the pain of managing dozens of point solutions.

Patient Portal

Appointment Scheduling

Bill Pay


Facility Wayfinding

Mobile Engagement


Express Check-in

Ready to see how your Children’s Hospital can future-proof their patient experience?


Trusted by businesses of all sizes.

  • "This technology has lots of ways to improve the patient experience, but for us, the problem that we sought to solve initially, and what really drove us to this technology was a wayfinding solution."

    Jenna Zayatz Director, Volunteer Services & Programs at Phoenix Children's Hospital

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