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Week 6: Mobile App Stickiness and User Engagement

Lesson Summary

Learning Objectives

MBA candidates will gain a solid understanding of the concepts of engagement and mobile app stickiness, as well as the basic tactics involved in mobile marketing automation.

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    You're killing time in your local airport, waiting to get on a flight. As you pass the deli in Terminal D, you receive a push notification from the airport app offering free coffee with the purchase of a breakfast taco. This is an example of:

    ANSWER: A.

    Proximity- or beacon-based campaigns send relevant messages to app users in highly specific locations, triggered by their proximity to an integrated beacon device.

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      It depends on how far you where away from the beacon. You just said they were walking through the terminal. You can also use Geo-Fencing for advertising in a wider area. Your question never said how far you were from the deli. If you would have said the user just got through the Security Checkpoint then we would have known that you were closer.

      • Sharon Chin
        Sharon Chin

        Hi Pete! That’s a very good point and thank you for the catch! We’ve modified the question based on your feedback. We hope you’ve been enjoying the MBA program. We appreciate your comment!

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