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Week 2: Intro to the Mobile App Lifecycle

Lesson Summary

While mobile has reached maturity in the consumer’s world, brands are still taking baby steps towards becoming mobile-first. Marketers must grow up fast and put mobile front and center in their strategies by adopting a holistic lifecycle approach. Marketers must also recognize the unique characteristics of the mobile app lifecycle which will have a growing impact on their business.

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson, MBA candidates will have a strong grasp of the mobile app lifecycle concept, what makes it unique and why it’s important. (In the following weeks, lessons 3-7 will take a closer look at each phase of the lifecycle.)

Complete this Lesson
What are the four phases of the mobile app lifecycle?


We'll take a closer look at each phase of the lifecycle in the coming weeks. So get the coffee ready!

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    Rodney Colley

    I’m very impressed with PHUNWARE and looking forward to the future because I know my company is benefiting from all their hard work. I love their solutions!

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    Harry Mangole

    I am happy to do this lesson, i am sure my forthcoming future app(s) will rock! 🙂

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