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Week 1: Welcome to the Phunware MBA Program

Lesson Summary

Most marketers who haven’t been living under a rock know that mobile is a very big deal. But being familiar with mobile devices does not position you for success in the new mobile-first world. You have to be a Mobile Bad Ass (MBA)—a seasoned pro with a well-rounded understanding of strategy, tactics and best practices. The eight-week curriculum of our MBA Program will help you get there.

Learning Objectives

This lesson is designed to introduce candidates to the MBA Program and provide a general overview of what they will learn and what they can expect to gain.

    Complete this Lesson
    Is the following statement true or false? "This section is where you let us know you’ve read this week's Phunware MBA content and you're ready for more."

    ANSWER: True!

    All you have to do is answer one simple question each week to remain eligible for your MBA. Easy-peasy.

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      So what was the question for the first post?
      I must have missed it somehow.

      • Phunware

        Len, you are right. The question wasn’t clear, but we’ve updated it. Good call!

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      I have had many occasions where I have referred different organizations and companies to Phunware and I think it would be wise to collect data regarding referrals, because that is something that both you and the person referring phunware can monetize, as in your success is my success type-of thinking.

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