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We’re excited to announce that Beeswax is the first programmatic advertising platform to integrate with Phunware’s blockchain data exchange. In this blog, we cover the benefits of the integration as well as a special offer for current Beeswax customers! 

First and foremost, for those unfamiliar with the Phunware Data Exchange, we launched our initial exchange back in June. By blockchain-enabling our data exchange, we aim to eliminate advertising fraud by offering transparency to brands on the data they purchase, as well as compensate consumers for the use of their data. In fact, Phunware is a pioneer in providing a fair and open exchange to both brands and consumers at scale. Consumers are paid in PhunCoin (a digital asset) when they voluntarily opt-in to engage with brands which results in higher data quality and accuracy for data buyers. 

The Beeswax Integration
Beeswax provides the advertising platform for brands to deliver targeted media using Phunware data and provides transparency as to when a consumer’s mobile device was used. Here are two ways brands can use and benefit from the integration:

  • Design custom, unique audiences using the data exchange and seamlessly deliver audiences to your Beeswax seat for activation in a targeted media campaign.
  • Receive accurate reporting on impressions served, unique mobile devices reached and more. Beeswax also provides daily impression logs that enable Phunware to reward consumers and provide you with reporting on PhunCoin accrued by consumers. 

Check out this interview with Proactive, as James Gray, Director of Product at Phunware, provides a deep dive on the integration.

Phunware Data Exchange Audiences 
Next, let’s talk about the audiences you can create on our data exchange to use on Beeswax. We provide a self-serve experience for brands and marketers to create their own mobile audiences. You gain access to predefined segments (demographic, interest, purchase intent) and custom location-based segments that are not typically found in other demand-side platforms (DSPs). This includes location-based audiences designed by marketers with custom geographical boundaries and date ranges.

Here at Phunware, we care about the data rights of consumers. By using our data exchange, you are participating in a value exchange that rewards consumers for the use of their data and disrupting the business model of today’s data oligarchs who exploit consumer’s data. Consumers will be compensated in PhunCoin through PhunWallet which goes live later this year. Until then, we ensure that consumers accrue a balance of PhunCoin. 

Special Beeswax Offer
As part of the integration announcement, we’re excited to announce a special offer for Beeswax customers! We’re offering $10,000 of free data exchange credit to each of the first 10 Beeswax customers for use through the end of 2019. 

Claim your data offer today!

Get More Information 
Check out the following links to get more information about our Beeswax integration and the Phunware Data Exchange: 

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