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What Will iOS 8 Mean for Me and My App?

iOS 8 is here—are you ready?

With this update, users can expect aesthetic changes and performance enhancements, and developers will get a number of new benefits and improvements to existing features. Here’s what the launch of iOS 8 means for you:

If you’re an iOS user…

Apple developers created iOS 8 with the goal of making the user experience more seamless, natural and supportive of the kind of activities you do on your Apple devices.


  • ULTRA-NATURAL UX – According to Apple, this release will let you “do things you didn’t realize you wanted to do,” like replying to email, calendar invites, messages, reminders and third-party apps without leaving the app you’re currently using. Contact and mail accessibility and management have also gotten a big boost.
  • NEXT-LEVEL MESSAGING – You’ll now be able to send recordings (your voice, your dog’s bark, that weird sound coming out of your engine) within a text message conversation. You’ll also be able to message videos more quickly, and even send multiple photos or videos at the same time. Other features: improved group conversation management, instant location sharing and more.
  • SMART KEYBOARD – You know how other smartphone operating systems monitor what you’re typing and suggest options to complete a word or phrase? iOS 8 will have that predictive text capability—but it will be tailored to the medium and recipient. That means it will make more conversational suggestions for text messages with friends, and more formal suggestions for business emails.
  • MORE CONTROL OVER LOCATION MONITORING – iOS 8 provides more transparency into when an app is collecting your location data, and more chances to allow or deny it. LEARN MORE
  • DEEP CONNECTIVITY – Improvements to iCloud will allow you to access any file from anywhere, including your entire iPhoto library. The new Handoff feature will let you seamlessly transition between devices mid-activity (web browsing, writing an email, building a spreadsheet). You’ll also be able to share files and media with up to six family members, and your health and fitness apps will be able to share data with each other.

If your company has an app…

It’s important that your team is up to date and can meet your iOS users’ high expectations. Apple devotees are quick to update to new iOS versions, especially when the release is anticipated as this one.


 – Developers can now expand on the custom actions that appear when a user taps on the action button. That means more options for your application’s needs: add to reading list, add to wishlist, mark as a favorite and more.
- Bring Touch ID into your app to allow users to sign in with a finger instead of requiring a password.
 – Your app can now be one of the sharing options from within Photos, so users can share content into your app without leaving their Photos app.
  • VISIT MONITORING – Apple is strengthening its location-tracking permissions to provide a solid foundation for the Visit Monitoring feature, which will collect data about places users frequent and allow the device to suggest that the user open location-relevant apps.
 – If your app is universal or available as both an iOS and an OS X app, the new Handoff feature will let users switch devices mid-activity, without skipping a beat.
 – The Notification Center is now even richer, allowing users to engage with your app directly from the center screen itself.

 custom actionstouchIDsharinghandoffnotification

If you were a Phunware customer…

We could help you design and build out new features that take advantage of iOS 8, like:

  • Notification actions and widgets to create richer experiences.
  • Seamless use of extended features to be integrated with your app.
  • Functional changes occurring in the background.

With an active Support & Maintenance contract, Phunware Support would test your live app to ensure that it can keep running on iOS 8. Any issues related to the iOS update would be escalated to you and addressed appropriately by Phunware Support.

 (Please note: The app enhancements above would not be covered under Support & Maintenance.)

Although iOS 8 hasn’t been released yet, the Phunware team has already begun developing with beta versions to make sure our customers’ apps are ready for the release.

 We’re working to uncover compatibility issues, ensure that designs display the way our customers intended and discover new ways to enhance existing apps with the amazing new offerings of iOS 8.

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