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Let’s talk tvOS

With the introduction of the App Store and tvOS on Apple TV, building apps for the big-screen platform has become less complex. This is an exciting time for brands. There’s a unique opportunity right now to get in on the ground floor of a new customer engagement tool: apps on TV.

As tvOS and the new Apple TV reach the market, brands will have to re-adapt their mobile strategies and start capitalizing on new user experience possibilities. For a while now, we’ve thought of smartphones, tablets and wearables as our primary user engagement devices, and now we’ll be able to add TVs to that list. With tvOS, consumers will be able to use any device running iOS 9—phones, tablets, computers or the new Siri-enabled remote—to interact with their TV sets. And that means brands will be able to use any and all of those devices to interact with their users.

LP-tvOS-Webinar2Developers will find tvOS familiar, as it uses many of the same frameworks and APIs as iOS. But brands need to be prepared to overcome potential challenges that Apple TV and tvOS will create for their mobile development teams. Be prepared to tackle specifications such as storage constraints and new user interfaces (remember Siri commands? Now we need to think intuitive gestures that will be performed with the new Apple TV remote).

Join us at our webinar, Understand and Leverage tvOS: A Brand’s Guide to the New Apple TV, on Oct 21 at 1pm CST. We’ll cover things like:

  • Nuts and bolts of the new platform
  • What’s new in tvOS…and what’s NOT in tvOS
  • How tvOS will impact advertising and social media
  • Benefits and disadvantages of TVML (and what TVML is in the first place)

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