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We probably all know someone who is chronically late, but do you know anyone who is chronically early? It might actually be worse. Two of my family members (let’s call them Nom and Gad) are habitual early birds. How many times have I greeted them at my door, hair still wet, 23 minutes before their planned arrival time? How many times have I felt guilty for being ready to go on time (instead of early)?

Enough about my hangups…let’s just say punctuality is punctuality, and early can be as inconvenient as late. Apparently nobody told that to the hordes of retailers already pedaling fake-snow-encrusted trees and candy canes. Or the bloggers talking about holiday shopping season. Several of this week’s news items were retail-holiday-related, in fact. So let’s get to it.

This Week in Mobile Marketing


Outdoor retailer REI made headlines this week when it announced that it would be closed on Black Friday and encouraged its customers to #OptOutside instead. Most Americans won’t spend the biggest shopping day of the year wandering in the woods, of course. They’ll be shopping in stores, online and most importantly, on mobile. Adobe predicts that for the first time this year, Americans will do most of their holiday e-shopping on mobile devices.

If you’re trying to take advantage of all that mobile traffic, don’t do anything shady. That’s the message Google conveyed in a blog post this week, where it warned companies that “unwanted sneaky mobile redirects” would be penalized. Perhaps even by removal from Google’s index—which is akin to removal from existence on the internet. Instead, if you want to attract mobile users, you might try advertising on Twitter. After all, the social network announced this week that 86% of its ad revenue comes from mobile devices—and most of its revenue is ad revenue.

This Week in Mobile Tech

Software and feature updates galore!

Also: Apple reported revenue of $51.5B after selling 48M iPhones in Q4. When do you hit so many zeroes that it doesn’t matter any more? Has Apple reached that point yet?


And finally, YouTube Red launched this week, adding an ad-free layer to YouTube and Google Play for $9.99 (or $12.99 for iOS users). In other media news, the war for streaming device market domination is reaching new heights. You may have heard that Amazon plans to remove certain non-Fire TV devices from its store, but did you know that there’s no Amazon Prime Video app in the App Store? Or that Amazon never even submitted an app? The drama!

What news was big on your list this week? Comment below to let us know!

Photo Sources: VentureBeat, TechCrunch.

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