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Before I head home to build an ark to survive the weekend, here are this week’s updates from the world of mobile. Happy Friday!

This Week in Mobile Marketing

Blog-This-Week-Holiday-MobileWe’re almost in November (how??), and you know what that means: everyone is starting to talk about the holidays. A new survey released by the National Retail Federation found that 21% of smartphone owners plan to use their devices to make holiday purchases, and nearly half (46.5%) of online shoppers plan to use omnichannel offerings like online purchase / in-store pickup. Consumers are ditching the day-long Black Friday marathons for a series of mobile micro-moments, according to new research from Google.

Also new from Google: a tool that lets retailers identify and leverage shopping trends in localized markets. Retailers, Merry Christmas. And speaking of location-aware marketing, it appears marketers have some work to do in communicating the power of location services for delivering tailored, rich app experiences. The majority (83%) of app users say they understand the importance of location data, but over half of weather and navigation app users don’t even have location services enabled. Don’t get it? Me neither.

This Week in Mobile Trends and Tech

First, a device update. Google now requires all devices of a certain performance standard running Android 6.0 Marshmallow to be fully encrypted by default. We shall see if full encryption still creates the performance issues that have made it unpopular. Speaking of popularity, the new Apple TV will begin shipping next week. We are particularly excited about that at Phunware—because Apple has opened its tvOS platform up to developers. Apps on Apple TV!

Apps everywhere, really—and that’s not great news for Google’s search business.

“Informally speaking, people are doing a ton of searching on their phones. With every tap and swipe of their thumb, they’re searching for laughs in their Instagram feed, the latest injury reports on their favorite sports app, and the warmest winter boots on Amazon. They’re just not typing terms into a search bar, which is still how Google makes the vast majority of its money.”
Mobile Marketing Daily

This Week in Mobile Advertising

You know what else isn’t good for business? Stealing users’ information. Chinese mobile advertising company Youmi learned that the hard way this week when Apple banned hundreds of apps using Youmi’s advertising tool from its App Store for gathering private data about users’ phones. What kind of data, you ask? Just little things like the phone’s serial number, the email address associated with the user’s Apple ID and a list of the user’s installed apps.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) also learned a hard lesson recently. Scott Cunningham, IAB’s SVP of Technology and Ad Operations, admitted in a blog post that the rise of ad blocking software signals that advertisers have failed consumers:

“Through our pursuit of further automation and maximization of margins during the industrial age of media technology, we built advertising technology to optimize publishers’ yield of marketing budgets that had eroded after the last recession… We were so clever and so good at it that we over-engineered the capabilities of the plumbing laid down by, well, ourselves. This steamrolled the users, depleted their devices, and tried their patience.”
– Scott Cunningham, IAB

Cue every smartphone user in the world saying “I told you so.”

That’s it for my report this week. See anything I missed? Have a comment? Post below!

Photo source: Mobile Commerce Daily

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