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Today we’re proud to announce a new partnership with SDKBOX!

SDKBOX offers a free and easy way for developers to integrate pre-certified and tested SDKs to improve their apps. This new partnership will make Phunware’s mobile engagement module and Ad SDK readily available to SDKBOX users.

Audience Monetization, Mobile Engagement and Marketing Automation

Phunware’s Ad SDK delivers campaigns seamlessly within mobile apps. Thanks to our minimal code footprint, implementation is simple and activation is quick. We give you the tools you need for flexibility within your app, especially when it comes to different types of ad units like native, rich media, rewarded video and more. Read 11 Ways to Get More Money Out of Your App to learn more.


Phunware’s mobile engagement module includes two SDKs: alerts and notifications and marketing automation. With this module, developers can easily send alerts and notifications to engage users on demand, and then add marketing automation for contextually triggered messaging. Download the eBook Bring New Life to an Underperforming App with Location Technology to learn more.


Even better, if you reach the minimum ad request commitment volume tier, you get free access to both modules. Ready to learn how Phunware can deliver branded opportunities to your app? Talk to a Phunware Developer Success Manager today to get started.

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