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The rise of showrooming is becoming a mainstream behavior that has emerged from the mobile assisted shopper’s ability to research and price compare products while in the store. Vibe’s 2013 “Mobile Consumer Report: Combat Showrooming with Personalization” found that 44 percent of shoppers frequently use their smartphone in-store to comparison shop from a competitor and 32 percent are using mobile devices to shop more in-store than they did two years ago. Columbia Business School’s study “Showrooming and the Rise of the Mobile Assisted Shopper” discovered the top three reasons that mobile shoppers purchase in-store even after finding the same product cheaper online is their need for convenience, urgency and immediacy.

Providing high quality in-store customer service that delivers on the individual need of your shoppers is paramount to outdoing showrooming. Learning to leverage location based mobile marketing and analytics will help take your customer service to the next level by providing real-time assistance and engagement where and when it is needed. Make the in-store experience easier and more enjoyable for your consumers and you will be on track to winning back your mobile shoppers.

Delivering the In-Store Experience

  • Deliver personalized customer service with location enabled mobile applications that permit retailers to identify when their opted-in customers are in the store allowing them to deliver personalized service when it is needed
  • Installing a help button in your mobile application gives customers the power of requesting assistance to aid in their purchase decision
  • Record your shoppers’ purchase history through your branded mobile application to create a better informed and knowledgeable staff
  • Arming sales associates with smartphones allow them to become more proactive in the selling process giving them the ability to locate high value app holders and offer their assistance

Utilizing location based marketing strategies and analytics to enhance customer service will attract shoppers who value and prefer the in-store experience. Leveraging the contextual abilities of mobile devices will help you deliver a better, faster in-store experience that drives repeat visits, enhances customer loyalty and strengthens long-term relationships.

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