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In this week’s product spotlight, we are excited to cover one of our newest and most fun mobile ad formats—Playable Ads! Phunware is now able to create some of the first truly playable ad experiences on mobile.

Designed and optimized for the mobile experience, Playable Ads make users feel like they are playing an actual game—but within a rich media banner. Imagine an ad that invites you to flick a Corona beer cap into a recycling bin or play a Match-3 game with Starbucks’ latest seasonal drinks. These types of experiences can be really entertaining for consumers—and they also lead to unparalleled results for brands.

“These Playable Ads deliver 2-3x higher engagement rates than standard campaigns,” says Ian Karnell, GM, Mobile Audience Building & Monetization Platform of Phunware. “They’re lean-forward experiences that allow consumers to learn more about your product or brand while in a fun, branded environment.”

Brands and agencies are seeing higher engagement rates and lifetime value of converted customers with Playable Ads because they “pre-qualify” users. Engaging with Playable Ads is a strong signal—a pre-qualification—of intent to install, download or purchase a product or service.

If you are interested in leveraging Playable Ads for your next campaign, please contact us at

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