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How much time do you spend in your favorite apps? According to leading mobile analytics company, Flurry, it’s a lot. The company has found that 90% of our mobile time is spent in-app (see chart below). 90%!

As consumers, we continue to gravitate to the app ecosystem for smoother, deeper mobile experiences in a variety of forms—from social to entertainment to gaming. One of the largest growing categories compared to last year’s breakout was Entertainment, which grew 325% (from 4% to 17% of total mobile time spent).

Trends in Mobile App Usage

With the increase of entertainment and messaging/social apps, gaming (last year’s top category) actually slipped to 15% of total mobile time spent. And it makes sense: while games like Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Machine Zone’s Game of War continued to rake in new users (and their users’ cash), many of the most talked-about apps in 2015 were non-gaming apps (see: Snapchat’s continued growth, Dubsmash and a slew of dating apps). Not to mention the Kylie Jenner Official App, which is classified under Entertainment and at the time of this posting was the #1 Free App on the App Store. (Are you more #TeamKhloe? Don’t worry, Khloe’s eponymous app still cracked the Top 25.)

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Newsflash: People Like Having Fun

When you take a deeper look at the categories where we spend most of our mobile time, they’re in what I like to call a “state of fun.” What do I mean? Well, the time we spend in the browser (mobile web) and in productivity or utility apps usually consists of activities with short session times, like checking a bank account or paying a bill. The rest of our apps—and the ones we spend the most time in—are all about watching our favorite entertainment, interacting with our favorite people or playing our favorite games. In a nutshell, we like to spend our time having fun.

When we’re having fun, we may be more receptive to ads and marketing messages. There have been many studies showing that in-app ads outperform those shown on the mobile web, including this eMarketer one. My hypothesis? Consumers are usually in a “state of fun” when engaging with mobile apps, and thus are more open to engage with advertising.

Brands and marketers must recognize the value of mobile apps. These are places where users are spending large amounts of time, forming an engaged audience that is more likely to be receptive to advertising. Having some fun might just lead to greater results with your mobile strategy.

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