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So you developed a game…but how do you turn it into revenue? You can charge for downloads or create options for in-app purchases, or if you’re like many game developers, you can devote some of your app’s real estate to paid media placements (banners, interstitials, etc.). If in-app audience monetization is the approach you’re going for, you will likely get there by incorporating an advertising SDK (software development kit—basically a bundle of code) into your application. Fortunately, you can do that pretty easily and with little to no coding knowledge.

FGL is a company that helps game developers distribute and monetize Android, iOS, Unity, Flash and HTML5 titles. Its free Enhance tool empowers game developers to inject new SDKs—like Phunware’s audience monetization SDK—into their apps without the need for editing or rewriting code.

Phunware is excited to announce a new partnership with FGL that makes our audience monetization module available through the Enhance platform—so game developers can start generating revenue with only a few clicks. Integrations that required 1-5 hours of development work and 50-500 lines of code before can now be managed in mere minutes and 10 lines of code, max.

Ready to learn how Phunware can deliver monetization opportunities to your app? Talk to a Phunware Developer Success Manager today to get started.

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