Ad Types and Guidelines

Phunware Advertising delivers a variety of custom units to match the needs of your brand.

Your ad can be as simple or complex as you want. Phunware’s award-winning creative team is on hand to support your needs from concept to design, running seamlessly across our publisher network. Phunware Advertising’s mobile ads focus on interactivity with the customer so that your brand can have the best exposure and engagement possible.


Standard Banner Ads

Standard banner ads are sharp and clean, making your ad compelling for users to click on.


Interstitial Ads – Full Screen

Interstitial ads, also known as full-screen ads, take over a user’s screen and increase engagement.


Hyper-Local Targeted Ads

Hyper-local ads target users within 5 meters by leveraging GPS data such as state, city, zip code and lat/long.


Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads come in many types and sizes, such as full-page interstitials, video ads, expandable and innovative banners. These types of ads often contain animated elements and multiple CTAs, and are all about generating user engagement with the brand. Our Rich Media ads are MRAID-compliant.


Video Ads

Video ads have a high user engagement and can expand to play video when tapped. A great use of this type of ad is to trigger a video when the user opens an application.


Native Ads

Native ads are seamlessly incorporated and effectively align with how users interact with a mobile site or app. See our four dynamic native ad offerings below.

We offer four dynamic native ad formats:

News Feed


App Wall


Content Stream


Content Wall


Standard Mobile Creatives

320×480 (Full Page)
320×416 (3/4 Page)

1024×768 (Full Page)

Max File Size: 30KB
Max Animation Time: 15 Seconds
Max Animation Loop: 3 Times

Smartphone Expandable Banner

Dimension: 320×50 → 300×480
Sub-load Size: <10KB
Max File Size: <50KB
Format: .psd, HTML5

Tablet Expandable Banner

Dimension: 300×250, 728×90 → 728×1024
Sub-load Size: <25KB
Max File Size: <100KB
Format: HTML5

Mobile Video

Dimension: Full Screen
File Size: <1GB
Format: MP4, VAST
Bit Rate: 1000

Native Creatives

Title: Max. 30 characters
Large image: 1600×900 suggested (16:9 aspect ratio)
Icon image: 120×120 suggested (1:1 aspect ratio)
Call to action: Max. 10 characters
Rating: 0-5
Description: Max. 100 characters

Other Notes:
We do not run flash creatives (iOS restriction)
We do accept 3rd party tags

Advertising Content Guidelines

Here is a list of Prohibited Content (either in-ad or destination URL).

  • Ads that lead to a malformed landing page or grossly unappealing landing page.
  • Alcohol / tobacco / drugs
  • Offensive or hateful speech
  • Firearms
  • Gambling (permissible in the following countries only: UK, CA, ES, AU, DE, FR, IT, JP)
  • Misleading or deceptive ads/creatives/products/services
  • Nudity (full, partial or implied)
  • Sexual content
  • Prostitution (direct solicitation or implied)
  • Violence to humans or animals
  • Ads that result in an automatic download including JAR/JAD/APK files.
  • Ads that automatically redirect the users browser without interaction.

Failure to follow these guidelines will lead to termination of the campaign and potential suspension of the Advertiser account.

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